Amusement Parks

Monitoring wind speed and wind direction is a vital issue when it comes to safe operation of amusement parks. Adverse weather conditions affect all types amusement park activities and high winds pose a articular threat, especially for tall, fully exposed park rides.

Our systems offers the ideal solution for monitoring wind speed and direction at amusement parks and other outdoor entertainment venues and can even be directly integrated into your ride control systems effect automatic equipment shuts downs and re-starts based on wind speed levels  .

Our systems deliver accurate and reliable live wind measurements to smart phones and with some systems to computers via GSM signals and provides instant alerts to enable sensible and effective decisions on health and safety.

Users can access a full historical log of events that can be downloaded in a simple format for use in reports and liability claims while the tough and durable IP67 rated kit affords total protection against dust and water immersion for a reliable service at all times.