Ports, Terminals & Marine Industry

Marine ports and terminals are essential for the smooth operation of global trade – they operate round the clock for a variety of users and are subject to a wide range of operational risks, physical damage and liability claims. Marine ports and terminals liability insurance covers a range of eventualities, including liabilities for business interruption and losses or damage due to weather conditions.

Our systems offer a complete solutions when it comes to monitoring and recording wind speeds at ports and harbors and all off-shore applications – live wind gust, wind speed and wind direction data that can be used to make informed decisions on whether to suspend access to ports and harbors during wild weather conditions.

Our systems provides instant alerts via mobile phones and computers over a limitless operating range which help to minimize downtime while still complying with stringent health and safety legislation.

Quick and easy access to historical data allows users to export information in an easy format for use on internal and external reports.