Entertainment Industry

Managing outdoor entertainment is a complicated process and this is never truer than when the weather presents organizers with the added issue of considering whether or not to cancel. While rain can ruin the enjoyment of any outdoor event, strong winds are likely to make any outdoor event a dangerous procedure for organizers, performers and attendees. This is true whether the event takes place fully in the open air or when marquees and tents are being used to accommodate attendees.

Events such as outdoor concerts (with stages and equipment), trade shows using marquees and tents, social events, or even the filming of TV shows and movies all types depend on fair weather to proceed as planned. The weather is always changeable and there is never any guarantee that weather forecasts will be truly accurate. It’s often the case that an event will go ahead because the outlook is fair, then the weather changes dramatically for the worse causing added worries and concerns for organizers. While carrying on with the event is preferable most of the time, if high winds are bringing added risks, the event may need to be abandoned or cancelled at a moment’s notice.

Event organizers are ultimately responsible for public safety during events and we provide systems that can deliver accurate and up to date live wind gust, wind speed and wind direction data. The information provided can be used by event organizers to make an informed decision on whether or not to abandon or cancel an event at any given moment. This means that risks and accidents due to wind damage can be avoided and the safety of the public and event employees can be protected at all times. When weather conditions are changeable, instant alerts via mobile phones and computers can make all the difference in maintaining safety at all times.

Our systems are highly flexible and can be removed and remounted in a matter of minutes so that it can easily be used in multiple locations on any site. Some systems deliver just real time information while other can additionally provide a full historical back up of wind events will allow event organizers to present loss adjusters with accurate information in a convenient format that can be used to settle any claims and disputes.