Wind Data Evolved

WINDY™ Wireless Anemometer consist of wind speed and direction sensors which wirelessly transmit real-time wind and temperature data to your smartphone or tablet. With our free WINDY™ App (Available for iOS and Android), you can read instant data of current, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature and view history graphs.

A wind measurement system can be a very valuable asset, providing you ongoing benefits such as improved scheduling. An anemometer also has the potential to prevent weather-induced accidents and their associated human and material damage. In its most basic form, a remote wind monitoring system combines an anemometer with data storage and long-range communication. Of course, the unit’s physical construction must also ensure it withstands site conditions.

Specifications / Instructions:

  • W410XB/BAT/WS (Windspeed)
  • W410XB/BAT/WSD (Windspeed + Direction)