Wind Data Evolved

NAVIS Anemometers consist of wind speed and/or wind direction sensors which wirelessly transmit real time wind and temperature data to your paired display unit and in some applications to your smartphone or tablet via our WINDY™ smartphone app. With our free app, you can read instant data including, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature and view history graphs.

  • Wireless sensor and magnetic mounting
  • Long range, 1,300 m/4,265 f (W410XB/BAT/WS/FCC)
  • Alarm and pre-alarm warning lights
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • 3 programmable alarm relay outputs (W410XB/WS/FCC)
  • Up to 5 years sensor battery life
anemometers and display

Specifications / Instructions:

  • W410XB/WS/FCC (Relays)
  • W410XB/WSD/FCC (Relays)