How the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer takes on-set safety to the next level

Safety is paramount on any production set and in an industry where getting just the right shot can make all the difference, that safety is even more critical when people and equipment are being lifted high in the air. “The nature of the job demands that you be both safety- and logistics-oriented,” says Teddy Sapp, a key grip based in Shreveport, Louisiana. “Wind is always a huge factor on set. You have to know wind speed in order to be able to make a judgment call.”

Strict guidelines require constant monitoring of wind speed and temperature through the use of anemometers. Teddy had used them before but he was blown away when he tried the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer for the first time.

“It’s going to have an immediate impact on safety for all of us in the industry,” he says. “What really sets the whole system apart from the other wind meters is the smartphone compatibility. Everyone can access wind speed and temperature at the same time.

With the Navis Windy Smartphone Anemometer, the operator of the lift has the information on his phone, reads the wind speed and then makes an accurate and informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the shot.

“It’s about risk management,” says Teddy. “I would recommend this for anyone responsible for on-set safety and logistics. When you use it with the base station, it’s the perfect system.”

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“What really sets the whole system apart from the other wind meters is the smartphone compatibility.”

Who is Teddy Sapp?

With nearly 25 years in the industry, Teddy Sapp knows his way around a set. He started out working as a Third Grip and worked his way up to Key Grip, something he’s been doing for more than a decade. His filmography is impressive, encompassing more than 50 films, TV movies and series. In addition to his current work on the Salem TV series, he’s also worked on such notable feature films as Now You See Me, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Zombieland, We Are Marshall and Sweet Home Alabama.

Teddy Sapp