A safe choice

The WINDCRANE monitoring system is an invaluable new way for companies to record data for weather conditions:

  • Information is accurate and reliable
  • Data is available via mobile phone app, tablet and laptop
  • Data is safely archived and time/date stamped.

Ainscough – which brings together skilled operatives, a large fleet of cranes and 30 strategic locations across the country – recently installed the WINDCRANE monitoring system.

Ainscough’s continual investment in cutting-edge technology gives them, and their customers, a greater understanding of the effects of weather on site – essential for safeguarding everyone involved in a project.

When time means money, both customers and staff benefit from these time-saving devices.

Stephen Davis, an Ainscough senior site manager, says:

“I’m impressed. Other older systems are time consuming – often taking 2-3 hours to give me the data that WINDCRANE can produce in 2-3 minutes.”

While his cranes may be sited at opposite ends of the country, Stephen can instantly monitor what is happening from his own office – and the alerts he receives via mobile phone allow for enhanced decision-making.

ainscough windcrane
ainscough windcrane

“Now that I have experienced the benefits of WindCrane, I intend to promote the system at all opportunities. My next project involves installing 30 turbines and I will use WindCrane to benefit operators, Ainscough and customers alike.”

 Stephen Davis, Ainscough

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