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Downtime disputes in the construction sector

DEALING WITH DOWNTIME DISPUTES IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Anybody working in the construction industry knows that working at height is one of the most dangerous activities with statistics showing that most cases of fatal injury or severe injury are as a result of a fall from height. Most countries around the world have health and […]

Dealing with extreme weather and wind gusts

Nobody can have failed to have seen last week’s news about the crane collapse in the USA. It seems that a crew operating a crane on Friday morning noted the wind gusts that accompanied the snow fall and decided that they needed to lower the crane to a more secure level. As the 565 ft. […]

Construction sector looks to cloud based solutions

SM and the Cloud – Revolutionising the Construction Industry GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols for second generation (2G) digital cellular networks that are used by mobile phones. As of last year, GSM become the default global standard for mobile […]

Safer cranes and safe from claims

SAFER CRANES AND SAFE FROM CLAIMS Anyone who works in the construction industry is sure to know that working in severe weather can be dangerous. High winds are one of the worst culprits and can constitute such a risk that work is often stopped temporarily which can lead to delays and extra expenses for the […]

Red Bull Air Race Chooses WINDCRANE For Upcoming Championship

We’re pleased to announce that WINDCRANE was recently selected to provide live wind speed data for the Red Bull annual air. “The Red Bull Air Race is a massive public event and we are delighted they chose to use our system,” says Lisa Cairns, Commercial Director at WINDCRANE. “It was important we could offer them […]

Windiest year in Britain in more than 20 years

Parts of the UK have been hit hard this summer, with high winds and torrential rain. But how is it affecting business, and what can we do to try and combat it? The dreadful summer has been caused by low pressure and winds from the Atlantic, which is experiencing lower temperatures than average. As a […]