Smart Cellular wind speed monitoring system for construction

Take control of your projects and save money on downtime and weather penalties.


WINDCRANE™ GSM technology gives you the freedom of unlimited wireless range and access to your data while you are on the move. Our Max kit combines a rugged industrial-grade design for the toughest site constructions, combined with the wind measurement standards accuracy [IEC-61400] and its 5 year guarantee.

  • Connect Up to 14 weather sensors
  • IP67 rated super tough enclosure
  • AC, DC or Solar Powered Backup rechargeable battery
  • Backup internal data storage


The WINDCRANE™ mobile App provides live data on all sites around the clock, anywhere.

Keep every single project and individual site in your pocket at all times and get a snapshot of your fleet whenever you need. An invaluable tool for the competent site and operation manager